Before buying a perfect laptop you should consider this thing


Buying a perfect laptop is a very Hard task, Nobody Want to slow down laptop ever who use their laptop as daily driver, Laptop gets slow whenever its process beyond processing capabilities, in that case, it takes time to process your request.

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If you did not want to stick in this hang or slowdown laptop scenario, first understand your work and need, And According to that buying a perfect laptop. We understand sometimes Budget not give us permission to go for higher laptop specification but the right laptop for the right purpose also very important.

At another side you can save some Money by choosing the right combination, maybe you don’t need higher specification so you don’t need to pay for advanced features, now you will ask HOW?

I personally suggest don’t buy a laptop according to your current need if you are not in a tight budget, always buy a laptop with higher specifications because when time goes you will definitely try to replace if you buy cheaper or lower specification laptop.

  • What’s your requirement?

There is lots of laptop models and specification available in the market, maybe you need it for Gaming, office purpose and Multitasking work like Graphics, animation, Video Rendering, for whatever purpose you need, first specify your purpose.

  • Hardware Plays Important role?

    YES, hardware play a very important role on Primary Basis, As Major part of your Money is paid for the hardware, not for software, you can change or upgrade your software without spending money as time goes but if you make changes in any type of hardware you always need to pay.

    We suggest always Choose laptop hardware specifications one step ahead from your current requirement.

Primary things you should consider when you buying a perfect laptop for work


CPU is a brain of computer where all the calculation, logics takes place, which mainly called processor, it’s a boss of all the component which gives order to Hardware and software to get the work done.

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The two major and famous processor manufacturers are Intel and AMD, you can choose any of this two, the processor is determined by its name, currently, Intel provides 4 major types of the processor which are core i3, core i5, core i7, core i9. AMD provides various types but currently Ryzen-5 and Ryzen-7 hit the market.

You should choose at least Core i5 (Intel) or Ryzen-5(AMD), Manufacturer choice is yours choose Intel or AMD.


Processor speed also determined by its generation which comes from 1st to 10th generation, you should choose at least 6th generation if you are in a tight budget, going to higher side up to 10th generation is always good. We do not recommend lower than 6th generation.


In Simple term RAM saves temporary stuff that you quickly need, you can understand like you have a bag with a pocket and you have all the stuff you need for usual day in that bag, you keep Frequently use things in pocket and other stuff in bag, RAM just work in that way, it is faster than storage spinning drive, every computer need RAM, in general, 1-2GB of RAM dedicated for operating system.


Always go with higher ram size, 4 GB RAM is generally good but we suggest going with minimum 8GB DDR4 RAM, also check there is a spare slot is available for future upgrade.


Nowadays two types of drive available in the market, HDD(hard disk drive), SSD (solid state drive), generally both used for storage and program operations, But SSD is much faster in comparison to HDD, because hard disk is mechanical in nature, HDD have magnetic Disc which rotates, Due to its mechanical nature its create issue over time.

solid state vs hard drive

SSD have integrated circuits, there are no moving parts inside that, they use NAND flash memory for the data store, and it consumes less power. SSD perform very efficiently and faster in comparison to HDD.

If you did not want to face any hang or slow program opening, always choose SSD as the primary drive for operating system and programs, you can consider HDD as a secondary drive if you store heavy data like videos, high-resolution images, software backup, etc.

128GB to 256GB SSD is ideal, you should choose SSD as Primary Drive, SSD’s are little expensive in comparison to HDD, that’s the reason you should go with lesser SSD size if you have a tight budget.


The laptop comes with different varieties of a screen display, size, and resolution like LCD, LED, IPS Display:
HD – High Definition – 1280×720
FHD – Full High Definition – 1920×1080
QHD – Quad High Definition (2k) – 2560×1440
UHD – Ultra High Definition (4k) – 3820×2160

Not greater nor lesser you should initial choose FHD with IPS display it’s a good choice for a midrange laptop.

difference screen resolutions


What is integrated Graphic?

Integrated onboard graphics use system ram and system memory instead, integrated graphic is ideal for people doing general graphic works like PowerPoint presentation, paintbrush, normal Photoshop editing without heavy filters and editing big size image, watching videos, 2D gaming, general MS office work. Heavy 3d games can’t be smoothly playable on integrated graphics.

What is Dedicated Graphics?

A discrete or Dedicated Graphic use it’s on Memory and Ram, For example, if you have GeForce GT 710 graphic card with 2GB of ram, and your system has 8GB ram, the 2GB of graphics card memory will completely separate from your 8GB laptop ram. Dedicated Graphics are perfect if you have heavy graphics work and you are a little bit passionate about 3D gaming.

We highly recommend you should go with Dedicated Graphics card with initial 2GB of Ram, which will be value for money.


When you buy a laptop always check backlight feature in the keyboard is present or not, Backlight keyboard illuminate backlight in keyboard when you will work in dark, with help of backlight you can easily see keyboard buttons in dim or No light.

backlight keyboard


Its not a big concern you can choose laptop with or without fingerprint feature, but if you want to keep highly secure your laptop, you can choose fingerprint option, Fingerprint Feature provide very good security to your laptop, Finger Print gives speed and ease during login, Say NO to forgot password and typing lengthy password if you use FingerPrint in laptop.


According to our recommendation, An ideal specification for Mid Range laptop is:

Core i5 processor (minimum 6th generation),
2GB dedicated Graphic card,
256GB SSD Drive
500GB or 1TB hard drive for data storage (you can skip for future upgrade)
FHD IPS display
backlight keyboard and a fingerprint scanner is a plus if you need

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