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Google chrome is nearly 11 years old, the most popular cross-platform web browser. At the time of writing this article 69.09% of users are using google chrome to browse on the web each and every day, According to StatCounter latest report.

There is a lot of settings in google chrome, we will only share some very useful and great features of google chrome.


Remember password for each website is really a difficult job, Google Chrome has a save username and password feature, If you are Frequently signed in online accounts for business or personal work This feature save your lot of time.

When you visit a website where you entered credentials to sign in, After Signing google chrome flashing a popup for saving that credentials, you just need to click on “save” if you did not want to do this task Manually every time, google chrome will do this work for you next time.

google chrome useful features save password alert

Now you will Ask, How I can change or resave password?

If you want to resave or change previously saved password of your account in google chrome

  • Click on the top right three dots of browser which says “Customize and control Google Chrome” and then click settings.
    google chrome browser setting
  • In Auto fill section click on password, now Here you can see saved URL list with username and password, At the right of every saved URL, you can see three dots which says “More Actions” just click on that and remove.
    google chrome feature removing password
  • Now Again Visit the removed URL and click on “Save” when Google Chrome prompts you to save after signing with username and password.

Bonus Pro Tip:

If you see Save password Feature is disable or Greyed out in your Browser setting you can Enable it by the Following method
1) Type “regedit” in Run which will open the Registry editor.
2) Go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Policies\Google\Chrome .
3) Double click on right side “password manager Enabled”, Change value data from 0 to 1.

Remember: information on “save password” applies to google chrome Version 75.0.3770.100, it may slightly vary with other versions of google chrome.


In the crowd of browser tabs our Truly important tab get lost due to accidental click or if you want to keep open some favorite websites all the time, A simple and efficient way of this solution is “PIN TAB”.

When you pin a tab This feature shrink and stick the list of tabs towards left, if you close and open chrome again, pin tabs will always open.

How to use Pin tab in google chrome?

To pin a Tab, Right click on the tab which you want to pin and click on “pin tab” in the drop-down list, After pinning a tab if you want to unpin follow the same procedure, right click and click on “unpin tab”. There is no keyboard shortcut provided by google chrome.

google chrome pinning a tab

All pinned tabs only show Favicon which is a small logo created by site creator, some times favicon is not provided by site creator, in that case, chrome display its default favicon of a paper sheet.

In some cases its been harder to identify tab if you are not familiar with favicon for a specific website that you pinned.

Pin tab does not show any closing “x” icon, but if you want to close that tab for the meantime, you can simply press “ctrl+w” or right-click on the active tab and click on “close tab’ from the drop-down menu. You can also manage tab position by simply dragging the pin tab.

google chrome dragging pinned tab


If you Switch from office to home computer a lot, Easily manage your bookmarks, History password, Extensions and chrome settings by syncing chrome with your google account, Chrome allows you to sync your all settings across all the devices like desktop, laptop, smartphone, All you need to do is

  • click on top right Profile icon near three dots.
    sync google account
  • Click on “Turn on sync”, a new window will open, enter your Google account credential there, all set now.


For closer and deeper look of any webpage or change the size of text, image, video for one webpage or all webpages, zoom Function is a great, you can make everything smaller or larger on a that specific page, also you can make different zoom levels on different pages.

How to use zoom Feature in chrome?

  1. click on the top right three dots in chrome, you will see two sign (-) (+) with zoom in the drop-down list.
  2. For the deeper / smaller look of webpage click on (-) sign, For closer / larger look of webpage click on (+).
  3. you Can also user fullscreen mode by clicking on the [ ] icon.

Are there any shortcuts keys for chrome zoom function?

  • For smaller look press ctrl and – on Windows, Linux and ChromeOS. For Mac use ⌘ and -, you can also use mouse scroll key backward with Ctrl key.
    google chrome feature zooming a page
  • For larger look press ctrl and + on Windows, Linux and ChromeOS, For Mac use ⌘ and +, you can also use mouse scroll key upward with Ctrl key.
  • For fullscreen mode press F11 in Windows and Linux, on Mac use ⌘+ Ctrl +, Press F4 in ChromeOS.

How to setup same zoom level in google chrome for all the webpages?

Click on the top right 3 dots in google chrome > Settings > under Appearance make the change you need including zoom level, font size, you can also customize font faces by clicking customizing fonts.
google chrome feature zoom advance setting


Google chrome incognito mode give secrecy to its user, Mean if you browse a webpage using incognito mode your search will not appear in History and Search History that means no browsing traces on local system. Outside your system, everything works the same as normal browsing mode.

google chrome feature incognito interface

How to enable incognito mode in google chrome?

Simply click on the top right three dots in chrome and click on “new incognito window” in the drop-down menu list.

google chrome feature incognito mode

Shortcut keys for Chrome Incognito Mode:

  • Ctrl + Shift + N, For windows Linux and chromOS.
  • ⌘ + Shift + N, For Mac

What I can do with Chrome Incognito Mode?

  • you can use Incognito mode on public computers for a personal website.
  • Access and login multiple users accounts on the same website.
  • To browse something you did not want to store a history of that on your local computer.
  • Your visited website Activity will not be hidden from your Internet service provider, employer or school.



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