Ludo king Game Tips and Expert Advice for Beginners


Ludo king Game is based on ancient game Pachisi, This game can be played with two, Three or Maximum four players, it can be played also in team of two players in each team, each player have 4 tokens and every player is differentiate by colors which has red, yellow, blue and green.

What you need to play ludo game: Ludo Game Board, four sets of token in pair of four in four different colors, 1 six sided dice.

How to Start: To start this game each player chooses one of a four colors, you need to roll the Dice which have six sides, every side have separate numbers from 1 to 6.

The player with highest number six, can move his token first from Home position, this rule will be applicable to all four token, it means every token need six to start from its home position. If player does not getting six in dice, it will pass to next player in clock wise direction.

If player token lands on opponent token, the opponent token will go to its home position on board.

How I can win: For winning in this game you have to travel all the four pieces around the board and deliver it to home triangle.

You can also see Ludo Game Basic demonstration video which is well demonstrated by author: Mr Animate on YouTube.

Tips for getting winning position in ludo king game:

1) Try to Move more then 1 token: Moving and open only one token from start is not a good strategy in Ludo King game, if coincidently that token is killed by opponent your overall efforts will goes in vain.

2) Make a Strategy with tokens: Avoid come in front of opponent token because it’s highly possible that your token will be chased and killed. Also don’t only target to kill opponent token, first safe your token and if you feel safe and getting the desirable token number then go ahead.

3) Try to change dice throw time: Algorithm of Ludo King Game is not predictable but try to change dice throw time, do it something like throw dice 2-3 times too quickly and make variation in timing after some turns.

4) What to do if I realize Defeat: Just Turned off your internet data and wait, in some cases you will get back your given coins, in this way you can save your coins and losing.

5) How to Earn Coins without buying it: You can Get free coins in Ludo King by seeing video Ads inside app, using Spin the wheel, getting first position in participated game, Referring Ludo king Game to your Friends and Family by Shareable Referral link, also you can increase coins by participating in 7 up down game inside Ludo King game, in which you can double or triple your presently available coins.

6) Make use of Diamonds in Ludo king: In some situation you are not satisfied with rolled number, in that situation you can roll your dice second time immediately by spending diamonds, May be you will get the same number second time but it gives you second chance of changing you current number in the dice.

7) Play with highest coin Entry: If you have enough coin and you can take risk, go with highest coin entry which is from 500 coins to 1000,000,000 coins this way you can win lots of coins and getting better position in the leaderboard.

Ludo King Available platforms: Google Play For AndroidiTunes for iOS


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