Powerful Gmail Secrets you did not know


Nowadays Everyone has Gmail account for personal and business uses, we are going to focus on some of the hidden Powerful Gmail Secrets, Also some of the nice tips and tricks that can make your Gmail experience even better, Save your precious time. After knowing this hidden treasures you will become Gmail power user,

Powerful Gmail Secrets


Have you ever been in a scenario where you wanted to send something confidential, something so important that you want the reader to delete it quickly after reading, what if the user doesn’t delete, wondering what to do in such situation,

For this snap mail self-destructing chrome extension will help you, open chrome browser, Go to snapmail official page and install snapmail. If you already log in to your Gmail then just click on compose an email, you will see snapmail option near to send button.

For encrypted mail, you need to click on snapmail button, either you can click on send button for normal mail

Powerful Gmail Secrets
The Recipient will get encrypted link inside sender email, after clicking on the link it will redirect and decrypt the mail for 60 seconds after that it will be deleted forever.


Mail Track:

Basically its an email tracking chrome extension for Gmail, you can track your sent email whether your email got delivered, recipient checked your mail or not.

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Email tracking makes handy when someone makes excuses that they didn’t get your emails they were not able to open or check your emails, to getting this useful tool you need to open chrome web store, search for mail Track and click on add to chrome button.

Chrome Webstore

After successful installation you will get mail track icon on top right extension toolbar, Mail track ask you to sign in with your Gmail account

mail Track

Now In front of your every mail, you will get 2 checks, one will green when recipient get your mail, both checks will green once your mail read by the recipient, also you get notification from mail track that your mail is read by the recipient.

you can remove mail track signature which is presented in every composed mail.



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