WhatsApp status 30-second video Tips:


Today we will discuss on WhatsApp status 30-second video limit, As we all know WhatsApp status have a limitation of the 30-second video, we cant post long video more than a 30-second time duration, if we upload WhatsApp trim it to 30 seconds.

In this post, We show how easily upload a video on WhatsApp status more than 30-seconds. Generally, the 2-3 minute video is good but nobody cares or watch if its more than 3-4 minute.

We don’t want to tell you that you need a rooted phone. It can be done for any smartphone, you just need a personal computer and internet connection.

So let’s get started WhatsApp status 30-second video Tips:

First, you need a software name “HandBrake” its free and Open Source tool for converting video of any format, HandBrake support all major platforms like Windows 7-10 (32bit)(64bit), Mac OS X 10-7 to 10-12(64bit) and Ubuntu deb. Download and install it from given link

After Installation Completed open handbrake software, Click on Source, there you will get two options File and Folder, click on File, go to the video location and select the video which you want As Whatsapp Video Status.

WhatsApp status 30-second video Tips

Now click on Browse in Destination section, Give it a path with a new name to Video, which you will edit in the HandBrake software, Click on Save.

Web Hosting

HandBrake User interface

In Source Section you will see 3 options “Chapter” “Seconds” “Frames” We will Select Seconds in that Dropdown Options.

HandBrake source Options

My Video Duration is 1Minute 04Second, I Decrease the duration using adjustment arrows to first 30Seconds and click on Start

Trimming video duration in Handbrake

Now Repeat the Same Step > click on Browse in Destination Section, Give a New name to video for next 30sec part, Set the duration from 30sec to 1Minute like I have done in Below Screenshot.

HandBrake video Trimming for next 30 secFollow the same steps and you are done with your Video, Copy and paste the split video File in your smartphone Upload and Enjoy. Hope you liked it.


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