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when you embed a youtube video in WordPress you don’t want to show YouTube Related video Suggestions at the end of your own video for example if you play a video on your web page and go to the end you can see it shows unrelated videos after the video has finished,
the problem is that this may offend your viewer to the point they may not want to return to your website or watch any more of your videos you want to keep your visitors focused on consuming your own content not someone else’s Here I explain three ways to disable or stop related videos from appearing at the end of your own embedded video.

YouTube Related video Suggestions:

Tip No.1:Use Short Code

Add ?rel=0 to the end of your Video URL
For example, if my youtube URL is: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UjYaNnptEFs?rel=0

Tip No.2: Using Youtube Code Embed

Grab the correct embed code from youtube, First go to youtube video page which you want to embed, click on Share link, now click on embed

Click on embed link

Web Hosting

Here you can see Embed options, uncheck “Show suggested videos when the video finishes”

YouTube Related video Suggestions

you can also uncheck the other option if you did not want to give more controls to the viewer. copy the embed code and place that code where you want in your WordPress website.

Tip No.3: Using WordPress Plugin

If you have lots of video on website and did not want to go with previous tips or think this is a lengthy procedure to refine each and every video, you can install a plugin name “hide youtube related videos” this is an automatic solution that will disable related YouTube videos on your entire website, login to your WordPress website go to plugins section click on add new, in the search box type “hide youtube related videos” click search and here’s the plugin just click install now and the plugin will be installed then whenever you add a new video from YouTube it won’t show related videos at the end.


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